Dive Sites: Talipanan Reef

15m/50ft to 40m/132ft for Advanced Recreational dives
45m/149ft for Advanced Nitrox dives
60m/198ft for Technical Nitrox dives
Up to 80m/264ft for Trimix dives

A 25-minute boat ride west of Puerto Galera is a pinnacle 500m/1650ft off-shore. The top is at 15m/50ft and has a huge diversity of small fish, basket sponges, hard and soft corals. On the north-west face it drops off to over 80m/264ft where gorgonian fans are abound. A plateau in the shallow depths drops off vertical at 24m/79ft. In mid water there are shoals of surgeons and unicorn fish; often giant tuna come in from the depths to feed.

Below, schools of midnight and black snappers appear to swim towards you, breaking away at the last minute. Large schools of batfish, barracuda and big Spanish mackerel stay close to the wall. Sharks are often seen on the deeper dives. Multilevel dives can be planned but Nitrox is recommended due to the depth of the site. Technical dives can easily be done provided there is minimal current.